Riyadh Season: SR500 fine for littering during festival, organizers say


RIYADH: Riyadh Season has attracted visitors from across and outside the Kingdom and with it a large amount of litter. Riyadh Boulevard’s fountain has been affected by the littering, and the General Entertainment Authority (GEA) has taken action with the help of Riyadh’s municipality to keep it clean.

Authorities have imposed penalties, ranging from SR500 ($133) to SR1,000, on people found to be littering.
@RiyadhSeason shared a statement on Twitter that said: “In order to maintain the cleanliness of all areas of the Riyadh Season and preserve its beauty, a fine of SR500 has been imposed on anyone who throws waste away from its designated place. If it is repeated for the second time, the fine will be doubled to SR1,000.”
“In order for all of us to enjoy all areas of #RiyadhSeason, it is necessary to maintain the cleanliness and beauty of the place. Throwing waste outside its designated place will result in a fine.”
The Twitter account also shared a table to classify each violation and penalty. The GEA announced that 1.2 million people visited Riyadh Boulevard in just 24 hours.
GEA President Turki Al-Sheikh shared a video on Twitter that shows the actions being taken to rid the fountain of litter.
@Turki_alalshikh said: “I wish for everyone to maintain the cleanliness of the fountain.”

1.2m – visitors to Riyadh Boulevard in 24 hours

SR500 – to be paid for littering at Riyadh Season venues

People in the Kingdom reacted warmly to Al-Sheikh’s tweet and suggested violators pay a fine if they litter.
Saudi TV presenter Eman Al-Rajab @e_alrajab said: “If people thought to treat a public place the way they’d treat their house, we wouldn’t see any litter, but unfortunately these types of people think it’s okay to throw trash anywhere. Why? It’s a part of your country and you should take care of it. The General Entertainment Authority put in so much effort to open doors for entertainment, not to throw litter. I wish they’d understand. They need strict laws.”

Saudi Television presenter Eman Al-Mandeel @emandeel1504 said: “We suggest implementing fines to whoever litters. We are very proud of Riyadh Season, and Riyadh has always been clean and beautiful. Large crowds shouldn’t mean it’s okay to litter, which deforms the city of the golden sands (Riyadh).”
@AlomariV4 tweeted: “Exactly what happened with Jeddah’s waterfront. And when a fining system was implemented, we never saw violations again.”