Assam Rifles ex-soldiers accused of neglect


The meeting of ex-servicemen and brave women of Assam Rifles was held on Wednesday under the chairmanship of Subedar Major Satish Chandra Pandey in the municipal auditorium. 55 ex-servicemen and 11 brave ladies participated in the meeting.

The meeting recently discussed the facility of ECHS given to the Assam Rifles, the making of the ECHS card and the pending matter in the Delhi High Court. In the meeting, all the ex-servicemen took their suggestions in turn. He made a strategy to fight the government further over the difference in salary allowances, accusing the central government of being half-hearted with the Assam Rifles. Also, information was given about the annual conference to be held in Himachal Pradesh on 20 October. On this occasion, District Secretaries Bishan Singh Bisht, Arjun Singh Bhoj, Hari Singh Negi, Anand Singh Bisht, Nandan Singh Majila, Dewan Singh, Kundan Singh Mortolia, Aan Singh Penwal, Munni Devi, Jayanti Devi, Ganesh Singh Bisht, Mohan Singh Bhakuni, Trilok Singh Bisht was present.